MC8090 GSM Issue


I have a project where I have to upgrade the OS from 32bits to 64bits (Ubuntu 12.04 to 20.4) in more than 5K devices. The modem MC8090 is working fine with Ubuntu 12.04 however once upgraded to 20.04 there is no communication.

In few cases it work fine and the only difference observed is when running the command “lsusb” the OS will read the modem as MC8700.

Any solution on the above scenarios to make the modem work under 64 bit architecture?
Any recommendation on which firmware support 64bit for the modem?


Have you tried ubuntu 12.04 64 bit?

The whole project is to upgrade the OS to 20.04. No I did not try that

you can first try that to see if this problem relates to 64bit

Thanks for your inputs, will try that.

Hi jyijyi

We have tried the modem with vanilla ubuntu 12.04 64bit and it is the same result, the modem is not functioning under 64bit architecture

you can compile the driver source code here: