MC8090 Modem firmware flashing tool under Linux


Any recommendation on a tool that can flash MC8090 modem firmware under Ubuntu Linux


how about this?

Bad news. I tried that sdk. It only works on the 64-bit os. I tried this firmware:,-d-,04,-d-,05,-d-,00_00-fw/
. The firmware got updated. The tool segfaulted after updating the firmware. Now the modem is getting recognized as another device. Its vendor and product IDs changed to something else. The firmware updater tool can’t recognize it anymore. It won’t respond when I tried to send some AT commands to it.

you might need to modify the driver and see if new PID/VID can be added

you can also try the driver here according to your kernel version:

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Thanks for your contribution on the post :grinning:

Doing some testing and trying to build the driver, will let you know the result soon.