Unable to flash EM929x on Linux


I have been unsuccessful in flashing firmware on EM929x series on Linux. There are two problems:

  1. MBPL drivers/mhictrl.ko packaged for Linux are built against an very old kernel (5.3.0-55). My hardware cannot boot that kernel so I cannot run those drivers to flash FW. Could Sierra please build MBPL/mhictrl against a newer kernel?

  2. Using the open-source/upstream MHI driver, I tried putting modem into EDL by issuing AT!BOOTHOLD. MHI driver shows SAHARA port is available, but it gets stuck there. I suspect the modem waiting for the firehose EDL ELF file and Sierra does not seem to supply that in standalone fashion. I do have the upstream MHI driver working with AT/MBIM/DIAG/QMI ports just great, but I am completely stuck without being able to flash the firmware in some way!


hrm, reading online and it seems like everyone is flashing through USB.

I’d be curious to know if anyone has gotten MHI/mPCI-e based flashing to work, but for now this seems to work.