mc7710 network connection problem

Hello everybody,

I’ve recently started to work with the mc7710 module. the component contains a sim card of one of the network provider in my country.

After installing the drivers I connected, via USB, the modem to my PC. the funny thing is that my computer recognize the module as an network adapter and I can see it in the port list (COM & LPT) but surprisingly the network provider does not show up in my networks list.

When I open my network adapters list the sierra component appear but it says "network cable unplugged " and it says that I need to connect an ethernet cable to my adaptor.

My quotation is, what a cable have to do with an wireless modem and how can I fix this problem in order to access my network provider.

Can anybody help?

Thank you in advance.


Which OS you connected? you are not able to see modem port also?