MC7710 disappearing on power cut

I’m experiencing a strange behavior from the MC7710 card when the computer is not properly shutdown.
It’s plugged on a PCIe port.
At reboot, the card is simply not detected anymore by the system (nothing displayed in lsusb).
It can last up to dozens of clean reboots.
From time to time I see it appear again when I electrically unplug the machine.

I suspect a power/card problem because the kernel doesn’t see the card.

I looked up if I could disable a PCI / USB port or even bus but nothing (not implemented).

Any idea ?
Thanks in advance

is it like you have connected the MC module to your PC and without removing it you are rebooting the system and in this case the card is not detected?

which kernel version are you using? can you share the syslogs after restarting?

Were you able to address this problem? I’ve run into a similar problem where after some number of power cycles the MC7710 becomes unusable and does not show up on the USB bus.