MC7700 not working on AirCard Watcher

I have 7 laptops that are using the MC7700 card on the firmware:

Firmware SWI9200X_03.05.10.02AP R4684 CARMD-EN-10527
Bootloader SWI9200X_03.05.10.02BT R4684 CARMD-EN-10527
PRI version 9901161 01.03
And they work with AirCard Watcher when a SIM is in the slot.

But on the last laptop I for some reason have this firmware on the MC7700 card:
Firmware SWI9200X_03.05.19.00Aap r5649 carmd-en-10527
Bootloader SWI9200X_03.05.19.00Abt r5649 carmd-en-10527
PRI version 9901576 01.03
AirCard Watcher does not pick up the SIM card, does not allow me to connect(gray connect button), sometimes does not even show the ‘Connect’ button, sometimes says ‘airplane mode, radio is off’ and sometimes says ‘No device detected’. AirCard Watcher basically jumps between these messages over a period of time. What could be wrong ?

I am thinking the fix is to place the firmware package that the others have, on this one although it seems it is a lower version of everything. Only issue is, where do you get this SWI9200X_03.05.10.02 package ? The lowest I’ve seen on is:
MC7700 Bell PTCRB approved FW DIP
MC7700 Bell PTCRB approved FW QMI

Found here:

Is anyone able to help ?

Thank you.


Please contact your Technical support in SWI to provide you the solution.

Thanks & Regards,

Thank you for your response. I usually get a voice answering service when I call Sierra Wireless at 1-877-687-7795. It only lets me leave a message every time. I will call again.