MC7455: multiple modems support

Hi, All:

Anybody has experience about multiple modems connected to one host, i.e. multiple MC7455? Could multiple modems be managed by a single process+multiple threads, or one process can only manage one modem which is one MC7455?

I pasted description of SLQSStart(…) as following. Could SLQSStart(…) be called more than once with different “modem_index” in one process? If yes, what’s the expected “sn: serial number or usb path”? ULONG SLQSStart ( BYTE modem_index, CHAR ∗ sn )
Create the SDK process and IPC sockets for the Application and SDK processes to communicate over.
in modem_index
• 0: first modem detected
• 1: second modem detected
• 2: third modem detected
• …
• 7: seventh modem detected

in sn This field is optional, it can be serial number or usb path for multiple modem feature, it
can be retrieved from sytem command “dmesg” when specified, the modem_index will
be mapping to sn or usb path Please set to NULL when not used