Gobi SDK QCWWAN2kEnumerateDevices always returns only 1 device

We were testing the GOBI SDK, specifically version SLQS04.00.25 with GobiNet driver version 2020-04-24/SWI_2.62. The OS is Ubuntu 16.04 with Linux kernel 4.15.
We have 3 x wp7502 connected.

The first issue which we were having is that QCWWAN2kEnumerateDevices is able to enumerate only 1 device (from the 3 we have attached), and its the one with the lowest index, in my case /dev/qcqmi0 . The doc says that it should be able to ‘enumerate’ all attached devices, so, is there an example on how to enumerate all attached devices?

Second problem, is there a way to communicate with all 3 devices from the same process? Imagine scenario where you have multiple modems connected and depending on network conditions, you want to monitor and select the one having the best network coverage.


I saw in the connection manager application, there is a modem_index parameter to be entered when you start the program.

Yes there is one, however, it looks like once you select the modem, there is no way to unselect it and select another one without rebooting your process. So, you can select, and you’re locked to only one modem per SDK, you cannot simultaneously talk to multiple modems. At least I haven’t found a way to do so (except doing a fork and raising multiple processes).

Have tou tried to run another app to talk to other modem?

Yes, you can have 3 application instances, all talking to different modems.
What I need is 1 application instance talking to 3 different modems, and that is what you cannot have.

Then I suggest you communicate between those 3 apps with sockets.