Multiple MC7455 dongle issue on ubuntu 14.04

I am using multiple MC7455.
The driver detect the device correctly and able to create qcqmi.
The issue is when i am using Slqsdk, it runs perfectly for first modem index.
but when i start the slqskd for second modem. it give me
“Unable to find device”
i am using sample app connectionmgrhostx86_64 to test.
can you let me know why one modem works correctly and other doesn’t ?
Is there any configuration to be done for multiple to work simultaneously ?


There is no special configuration to make multiple MC7455 work together. Just make sure the following points.

  1. Kill all the previous slqssdk process when testing
  2. Give correct index of the modem while testing
  3. Make sure the module is connected.

I performed a test at my end and i didn’t face any problem.

Thanks & Regards,