MC7455 MEID change with Verizon

I am seeing a difference in the MEID reported from the QMI DMS get IDs function and the ATI modem command. With a Verizon image, the QMI call reports a zero ESN and a MEID which is one digit different from the IMEI. The ATI modem command, however, reports a ESN and different MEID. Is this expected? Which MEID is correct in this case?

With a generic carrier image, the MEID is the same in the QMI and ATI commands.

You can think of MEID as an extension of ESN which serves more for the legacy CDMA/EvDO network which followed 3GPP2 spec.

The one digit difference between MEID and IMEI is expected since IMEI uses 15 digit where MEID only uses 14.

You can ignore the ESN and MEID reported by ATI command which was assigned by Verizon. They are only useful when you need to handover to CDMA/EvDO network which MC7455 doesn’t support.