MC7450/55 issue with proactive command to request date/time?

We have been testing a SIM applet on both the MC7455 and the MC7430 and have encountered an issue
with the response to the proactive command “PROVIDE LOCAL INFORMATION” (request date/time).
The date & time returned by this command is incorrect.

First to ensure that the modem supports this command, the applet issues the TERMINAL PROFILE command.
The device responds with (coding defined in TS 102 223 Section 5.2) byte 8, 07 ~ 0000 0111,
indicating that PROVIDE LOCAL INFORMATION for date-time command is supported.

  • 3709E8CE119C00079C00001FE2600000C3D000070001600000000000000000000000000000000000

However when the PROVIDE LOCAL INFORMATION command is issued by the applet:

  • 801200000B12D0098103012603820281829000 -> applet request for date/time (26 local info 03 date time)

This device responds with:

  • 8014000015148103012603020282810301002607081060000040FF910B which translates into a date in year 2080.
  • Time Stamp Decode: 081060000040FF = 2080/01/06-00:00:04/z=FF

Is this a known issue?


Additional input that might be useful to understand this problem:

The qmicli dms-swi-get-current-firmware command provides:
Model: MC7430
Boot version: SWI9X30C_02.24.05.06
AMSS version: SWI9X30C_02.24.05.06
SKU ID: 1103737
Package ID: unknown
Carrier ID: 1
Config version: 002.025_000

The AT+CCLK? Command responds with:
‘+CCLK: “18/09/06,08:06:29+32”’

The qmicli dms-get-time command responds with:
Time count: ‘976205140360 (x 1.25ms): 2010-12-12 16:05:40’
Time source: ‘device’
System time: ‘1220256425451 (ms): 2018-09-06 08:07:05’
User time: ‘324004 (ms): 1980-01-06 00:05:24’

This time reminds me of 1980-01-06, the beginning of time.

We no longer support user set date/time, at!time is not implemented in the firmware. I guess user date/time just increases on base of default value 1980-01-06. In your log the status of the terminal response is 0x910b (proactive command pending).

FYI: in 3GPP TS 31.111 version 13.3.0 Release 13:
The ME shall return the current date and time as set by the user. If available, the ME shall also return the time zone known from the network with the NITZ feature (see TS 22.042 [3]). If the time zone information is not available, the ME shall return ‘FF’ for this element.