Getting network date and time

Hi All,

Anyone knows how to decode 7 byte date and time output in response to +WLOC=1 command? The modem responds with 08101010XXXXFF when queried at 8 Jan 2009 12:30 pm which does not ring a bell. Wher is the definition of this 7 bytes SIM Toolkit format?



I checked referenced thread before posting. Still cant figure out how to directlt ask network time and date information…



You can’t!

There is no guarantee that the network provides it; in fact, around here, it seems most common that the network will not provide it. :frowning:

We also needed a reliable way of getting the time across a range of networks and eventually decided the easiest and most reliable solution would be to just return the GMT time from our own backend servers. So we just do a dummy post and parse the http header for the date/time. It works well and does not care which network you are using.

Ok. After further investigation, we also have decided to provide date/time information to the remote units from the server at operations center.

Thanks everyone