MC7430 heating in Carrier Aggregation mode

I have an MC7430 module in my router connected to french Free 4g provider.
When I’m connected to B28, with no CA, everything is ok (temperature of module around 50° and download rate around 4000kb/s).
But when the provider’s antenna switch me on CA with B28+B7, temperature of the module goes to 85° and my download rate is ~200kb/s.
I have the latest software version
Does anyone has experienced the same issue ?

Hi @baxter ,
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Could you please share with me some information as below:

  1. Did you change any configuration on your device when the temperature increased to 85°C ?
  2. How did you measure the temperature on your device ? in the lab or outside?
  3. How many devices does the issue happens ? If only one, can you try again another one ?
  4. Can you share with me the Serial number on your device ?



  1. no change when temperature was high, I checked AT!GSTATUS when I saw that bitrate was low, that’s all

  2. the temperature was measured with AT!GSTATUS? with the modem inside my router

  3. only one device (I have only one device MC7430)

  4. ATI
    Manufacturer: Sierra Wireless, Incorporated
    Model: MC7430
    Revision: SWI9X30C_02.38.00.00 rE3F3E55C03AE94 jenkins 2022/01/13 05:16:00
    MEID: xxx
    IMEI: xxx
    IMEI SV: 22
    FSN: LU717475160210
    +GCAP: +CGSM


Hi @baxter ,
According to your above comment, could you please share with me that your MC7430 module is in the Airlink RV50X or is it in your own router?


My router is a ZBT WG3526 with OpenWRT.

Hi @baxter
If I’m not wrong your router is running the Linux OS, isn’t it? If yes, please make sure that you install the MBPL driver on your router.
And to ensure that the module will work well with your router, please check the compatibility between the ZBT WG3526 router and the MBPL driver, please refer to the link below for more details: