MC7710 LTE slow connection speed under Linux

Dear all,

I’m really getting crazy about this. To be sure about the parameters I connect the modem via the AT commands interface. Exactly, issuing these commands:

AT!BAND=0 //all bands
AT!SELRAT=3 //the setting is found after connecting the modem under windows
AT!SCACT=1,1 //where 1 is the correct profile


#dhclient wwan0

After that i’m connected but the connection speed is not even comparable to the one that i get with the same modem/operator under windows.

Any suggestion please?

Kindest regards

Do you have the same problem in QMI mode? I haven’t tested DirectIP much, so I don’t know how it compares, but I have noted that the protocol framing put some load on the firmware. FWIW, I have no problems achieving speeds up to 80 Mbits/s down and 40 Mbits/s up under normal network conditions using QMI or MBIM on Linux.

No, for the moment i’ve tested it only in Direct IP mode.

I Have further news about this issue.

:exclamation: The slow speed issue seems to affect only the TCP/IP protocol. I had good results streaming UDP packets.
Under windows anything works properly.

I’ve talked with the sierra wireless support and I can confirm that my Firmware/driver is up to date.

I’ll test QMI as soon as i’ll receive news from the sierra wireless support.

Kindest regards