MC7430 driver compatibility for windows 11?

Greetings, I am trying to connect an MC7430 to my new windows 11 laptop so I can configure it with AT commands using PuTTY. I have installed the generic driver package from the MC7430 support page but the device is not recognized in windows device manager at all. I am using a USB to PCIe adaptor and it works perfectly on older machines running windows 7, 10 and everything works fine. so i can only suspect the driver is not compatible. Can anyone help please?

I don’t see problem in Win11.
I used this driver:

In the configuration.ini file, i have set USBCOMP=8

thanks for the help.
GenericDriverSetup_5087.exe is the drivers I have already installed. where do i get the Configuration.ini file? or should i create it?

yes, you can create it or just use this one:
Configuration.ini (83 Bytes)

thanks you very much… I have created a new folder on my desktop and added the genericDriverSetup_587.exe and the Configuration.ini file and reinstalled the drivers.

still nothing shows in device manager and there is nothing recognised on the USB port… (i.e. no usb sound)

is the USB port OK?
Do you have Vmware of Linux installed in this Windows 11?
This can verify if the hardware of USB is OK.

yes the USB port is OK. It is a brand new Dell laptop and every other USB device is recognised correctly. I do not have Linux installed but the hardware is ok and all of the windows and dell diagnostics show it to be OK.

is that all the USB ports of PC behaves the same?

yes it is the same for all USB ports on this PC. Even the USB ports on the docking station etc.

you can install usbdeview and see if there is any clue