MC7430 disconnect every 4 seconds in LTE connection?

Hello ,
while I’m trying to connect my MC7430 to LTE network
it get disconnect every 5-6 seconds
I have try with Windows 10 \ windows 7 and also a router base on linux

in all of them I get the same things ,
I see the LTE netwrok but disconnect from it

if I config the modem to work on 3G - its working just fine

I have try all the firmware 2.20-2.26
any idea?

Thanks ,

This problem needs a detailed technical analysis. Please contact your Technical support in SWI to provide you the solution.

Thanks & Regards,

Which “LTE network” :question:

Can other devices connect OK to that network at that location?

Can your device connect to other LTE networks?

I’m still waiting for a replay from the Technical support (I’m only waiting 2 weeks now…)

I’m trying to connect to LTE - B3

if I take other devies - they are connected ok
if I replace the MC7430 with another modem it’s also connect to B3

So the problem is not in the network\device

any thought?


Hi David,

I’m starting using the dev kit.
I had the same kind of problem when the 5V power supply was not plugged.
USB power could be not enough.

In your case it could be a power issue.