MC7710 sometimes doesn't want LTE


My MC7710 card sometimes behaves like this: When resuming from sleep (in Windows 8.1), card is not showing any service for a minute or so… After that time, it then takes few seconds to connect to HSPA+ network. Normal behavior in my home would be: Wake up -> few seconds -> LTE connected.

What is causing this? It is also quite tricky to connect to LTE after this, I have to start Skylight and disconnect my connection, then manually selecting appropriate network (in Finland, my LTE is “DNA 4G”, HSPA or lower is “DNA 3G”), and sometimes this network search fails several times in a row.

I’m running (hopefully) latest drivers for Windows 8.1 and QMI since this Thinkpad T430s is not whitelisting Direct IP (or was it vice versa, can’t remember…)

Normally module will search for the network with higher signal strength and will connect to that particular network.
Can you select LTE only using AT!SELRAT cmmand and see whether it is connecting to LTE or not.