MC7355 in Panasonic Toughpads can't keep the SIM in straight

So I have 15 Panasonic Toughpad G1s that are mounted in our ambulances here at my job. The G1s have internal MC7355 cards installed.

Here’ my problem: every so often the Watcher app will report “No SIM Inserted”. If I inspect the SIM card, it feels sort of loose. This has happened at least once with all 15 G1s. Popping the SIM out and then back in fixes the issue, but I’d rather it didn’t happen at all (reinserting the SIM is trivial, but people flip out about the whole 2 minutes it takes to do and have a tendency to call me at 3AM when it happens).

Here’s some of the stuff I’ve done to try and address:

  • Sent several units to Panasonic to make sure everything was structurally sound with the cards. Panasonic said they were fine. They told me to reinstall OS. Whatever; did that and it fixed nothing (obviously)
  • Sent some in again; they just replaced the card entirely. Problem still occurs.
  • Ordered new SIM cards from our ISP; still happening.
  • We even ordered some trial SIMS from a different ISP to no effect.
  • Eventually I started sticking a piece of scotch tape between the SIM and the access door to try and keep everything from moving around. So far it seems to help

Does anyone have any ideas? Scotch tape should not be needed to make this thing work like it’s supposed to.

It seems like SIM holders problem not MC7355 module’s issue…


Hmm… it seems that I was mistaken in assuming the SIM slot was part of the module itself, but this is clearly not the case.

Welp, guess I’ll go back to yelling at Panasonic.