MC7355 (Dell 5808) No Service on Toughbook w/ Windows 10

I recently purchased a Panasonic Toughbook CF-53 that had an MC7750 in it for 4G on Verizon Wireless. After checking compatibility and installing the correct drivers, I swapped it out for an MC7355 and put a T-Mobile card into the device. The T-Mobile SIM is detected and everything seems normal, but I have no service. using “netsh mbn show interface” I can see that I have specifically -113 RSSI in terms of signal, despite being a few hundred feet from a 4G LTE antenna. I’ve tried numerous times to update the firmware, but it keeps failing. I’m at a complete loss.

I understand that I likely have to update the firmware for use with T-Mobile, but as I said it keeps failing. I’m at a complete loss.

There is no t-mobile firmware in the link

I attempted to use Sprint firmware as after their merger, it’s the closest thing. I wasn’t quite sure what else to do.

Do you havr verizon sim card?
See if it works this verizon firmware