MC7355 - 52Pin Assignment

Hi all,

I’m having real issues trying to find the pin assignment guide / document for the MC7355.
Is the pin out guide the same as MC7350? So I can design the PCB with one module and then upgrade it at a later point?
If anyone has the link to Product Technical Specification and Customer Design Guidelines PDF could you supply it please?



The MC7355 is the QC based unit which SWI sell to the PC-OEM’s and is restricted to them, this is not made clear on the web site (but should be). For this reason there is no link to the PTS.

Re the product you should actually be aiming to use, it should be either the MC7304 (EU/APAC), MC7354 (NAM) or MC7330 (Japan). Your commercial channel should be able to advise you as to which would be best.

Regarding your actual question, pin 52 is Vcc and is standard across all PCIe cards so yes it will be the same as the MC7350 you have mentioned although be careful as the voltage requirements might vary marginally (all within the PCIe spec) between the units so check up on the variants I have mentioned above.