MC7355 2nd serial port vs jtag

I purchased a 7355 to test feasibility of moving to Sierra from another mfg. The pcie interface is mostly the same with one important difference. It appears that Sierra uses pins 17, 19 and 25 for jtag. My other module uses those as a second serial port and RI while allowing AT control using 17/19 as standard serial. Is that possible with the MC7355? If so, can you point me to docs for doing so? Are all Sierra pcie modules configured this way? (jtag on 17/19/25)

from specification, I don’t see these pins are related to JTAG:

I saw that chart also. However, if you look at the development board for the MC modules, those pins are tied to jtag. I tried to confirm this be searching for a real schematic of the MC7355. I could not find one.

then i believe JTAG is not officially supported or open for public user

you can trace it by yourself in your dev kit

That is what I did. What I am hoping for is regular serial, not jtag. Many devices allow the jtag port to double as another function IF you know how to access it or change modes. That is what I am hoping for here. Someone who knows how.

i don’t think it is possible, specification already mentioned that those pin is “no connect”

No offense. But that is not helpful. I already noticed the nc reference in some docs. But those pins are connected to jtag for a reason. Is there any more advanced help here?

I don’t have further information as this is violating the specification
Good luck!