[MC7330/MC7700][AT Command]Setting to RAT priority for conne

[Application Type]Router
[FW version]

The customer would like to change RAT priority that the module attach.
Currently,the module attached LTE rather than LTE.

If the module can find LTE , the module attach LTE evenif it can find WCDMA.
The customer would like to achieve following environment
1.The module will attach WCDMA first.
2.Then, if the module lost WCDMA, the module start to search LTE network.
3.And,when it connect LTE network, the module continue to search WCDMA

And , we need to test under the module send both LTE and WCDMA as supported RAT to UTRAN/E-UTRAN.
So, we can’t set !BAND=08.

I think !selacq is the solution but it was not operated as expected.
The module attached only LTE with following settings.


I need to find valid AT command to achieve that.

Thank you.



Will test it… What if you just give AT!SELACQ=WCDMA.

rest all the values it will take by default.

Try and share the results.