MC7304 signal strength measurement timing

I’m working with a project where we use Sierra Wireless AirPrime MC 7304 card. I have a question about the RX signal strength measurements done in the Sierra card. I have not come across a specification which defines the averaging timing for RSSI or other signal strength measurements. Is the averaging started when the “Get Signal Info” (0x004F) message is received through qmi interface or AT command AT!DAGGRSSI or AT!DAGGAVGRSSI are received at the Sierra card?

Timing of the signal strength indication is a vital information for the project.

I would appreciate it if you could inform me where I could find detailed specification about the signal strength measurement.


The RSSI/power measurements are instantaneous values and not averaged at all, this would need to be done by the application. What were you expecting?



Hi Matt

Great, instantaneous values are the one I need. I got the impression from AT command manual that the MC7304 performs averaging for the RSSI and delivers averaged value.

Thank you for the help.