MC7304, Missing AT-Command or functionality

Hi guys,

we are currently integrating the new voice module MC 7304, before we had used the 8795V.

In our old control software we used AT!SWICALLPROC to get notifications about state changes in the voice call establishment.

Is there something similar in the new AT-Command engine, besides polling with AT+CLCC ?

Thank you,

AT!SWICALLPROC is not implemented in MC7304… so the only option feasible is CLCC.



We have the same issue.
We used for call status detection at!swicallprog=2 at command.
This command is not implemented to MC7304.
Is there something another at command for extended call status?
We need detect alerting (ring back) into outgoing call.

For example MC8795V/MDC8775V
swicallprog 1,0,2,0,0 - dialing
swicallprog 1,0,3,0,0 - alerting (ring back)
swicallprog 1,0,0,0,0 - connect

Thank you for answer
Best regards
Sabo Alan