MC7304 Low Power Mode


We are using the MC7304 on Windows 7, we are finding alot of them going into Low Power Mode and not connecting to any networks, is there any command to stop them falling into Low Power Mode? Also is there a way to wake the cards up so to speak without either upgrading the Firmware or carrying out the OEM Reset command?

Thanks in advance.


Have you tried taping pin #20. I’ve done the same for my MC7304 installed on LENOVO X220 running Windows 7.

Taping pin #20?
Can you explain?
Also will this do anything to the warranty of the card?



Based on MC7304 Technical Specification and Customer Guidelimes, pin #20 is for Hardware Wireless Disable (Main RF Radio). If this pin #20 is taped then Hardware Wireless is enabled and ignore about low voltage. I believe no issues about warranty.