MC7304 not detected in Windows 10 after upgrade (Lenovo T430 whitelist removed)

Hey all,
I’ve just upgraded the WWAN card in my Lenovo T430 from an old MC8355 to an MC7304, so I could use LTE data service. The WWAN/WLAN whitelists have been removed on my machine, so theoretically I can use any card.
I uninstalled the drivers for the MC8355 and rebooted before installing the MC7304 in the same slot.

However, when I install the MC7304 and the current Sierra drivers, nothing shows in Device Manager except a ‘Sierra Wireless Location Sensor’

I will be trying an ‘lsusb’ in Debian soon to see if the card is even powering up, but if it is, what could be causing this?


Well, I tried lsusb under Debian, and the card was not visible. What could be causing this? Is my card dead?

This happens to me from time to time on a Thinkpad X301 without whitelist. Looks like the BIOS forgets that it has a wwan card and disables the software “rfkill” switch controlling the W_DISABLE input to the modem. You can verify this by running the “rfkill” utility in LInux. If you don’t have the “wwan” switch, then this is the problem.

Resetting the BIOS settings will usuall fix the issue. But it can be annoying. Taping pin 20 on the modem is also an option, blocking W_DISABLE .

If you still have the “wwan” rfkill software switch, then the problem is something else.