Mangoh activation without payment information

Hi Everyone,

According to Mangoh getting started guide, “You are not required to enter payment information to claim the three-month free trial.”
It seems that step 6 in Octave device registration is required.
It is not possible anymore to register a device without setting a payment method?

Thanks in advance,

Hello David,

Credit card will not be charged but is should be registered on the Octave web portal to enable the trial even tough it will not be charged for the 3 first months.
What error did you get when entering your credit card ?

I will check for the online Mangoh documentation to be clarified.


Hi Amons,

The error was like “[GatewayTransactionError] Transaction declined.12 - Declined: 15005-This transaction cannot be processed.”
The problem is that it happens with my business credit card and I don’t want to use a personal one.

Thank you.

Hi David,

it can happen if the address on the credit card is different from the one you provided in the Billing address.
Could this be the case ?