Making a phone call from Windows

I have the Sierra Wireless MC7455 modem. I am trying to make a Windows app for making phone calls, and then another for text messages. It is my goal to allow Windows to act like a mobile phone, in this way. I have seen that there are two ways of programming/controlling the modem: Either through Qualcomm’s Gobi SDK, or through the COM port using AT commands. The SDK seems to be the prefferd method, but I am okay with either that works. Seirra Wireless provides a diagonotic tool in Microsoft’s app store, and this app does inlcude the ability to text. Using the AT commands, I have been succesful in sending a text message. I have not been succesful, however, in placing or receivng a phone call. When I attempt to place a phone call, using the AT commands, it returns ERROR immidatly. Also, the same happens when trying to test the audio features of the card.
As for the SDK, there are ARM and x86 binary files provided, as well as C++ files for the project. I was excited and got the x86 binaries and the .cpp and .h files and created a new project. This all compiled, up unitl the linker phase where it failed. I suspect that this is beucase the demo was intended for Windows CE, and I am using the full version of Windows (Windows 10 Pro x64).
I know that this is a long introduction, but I hope to make it clear what I am trying to do and what has failed, so that perhaps someone can point me in the correct direciton.

Thank you and I look forward to your response. :slight_smile:

Hi @godislove.rsw,
Voice call is not supported on MC7455, that’s the reason why you failed to place a phone call.

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