Make a write in A&D takes too long!

Good afternoon everyone!, i need to make a library with the A&D memory but unfortunaletly im not sure if im doing the memory management right.

Suppose if i want to write into a specific position of a CELL memory, first i need to suscribe the block (doesnt mather if was created or not before), read all the block (when youre read the memory you recieve a pointer with all the data) then modify the data previously recieved. Later, i need to finalize the block, delete it, and recompact it!. Finally i suscribe the block again and write the new data on it. This takes like 5 seconds!, its too long!. I tried to supress some steps (like not finalize or recompact) but it result on BAD STATES or UKNOWN HANDLERS.

Is there other way to write in a specific position in a specific CELL??.

Thank u for advance!. And Happy New Year!!.

My Distributor told me that is common that ad_Recompact takes 6 second to apply, because it works with the whole A&D memory. Now, im trying to do a FIFO library with A&D (its more propper to do this). I believe that if you want to make a Memory File System with the Q2687 you should use external memory. I could use the Flash mem to do this but the amounts of writes aviable for page are very little! ( only 2.000.000 writes per 4kbytes page).

Thanks a lot!,