A&D problem

Hi all,

I have a Q2406B (6.55) running an application and writing in A&D every minute, everything is OK until now, three days running without stop and the memory was erased, all the cells have nothing else… any cell i tried to read return empty (Not subscribe cell), if i write any cell, the Module return OK, but if i tried to read this cell, thats are empty(Not subscribe cell)… to back to normal, i have to restart the module and format the A&D…

anyone know whats can be happening ?


After delete you have to recompact and then you get the valid cell handles , also finalise is important .


Procedure which we are following for subscription of 2 cells:

  1. Format
  2. Recompact
  3. Subscribe Ist cell of undefined size
  4. Write to Ist cell
  5. Finalise Ist cell
  6. Subscribe second cell
  7. Write to second cell
  8. Finalise second
  9. Delete first cell
  10. Recompact
  11. Subscribe first cell
  12. Unsubscribe second cell
  13. Subscribe second cell
  14. Write to first cell.
  15. finalise first cell
  16. Delete second cell.
  17. recompact
  18. Subscribe second
  19. Unsubscribe first cell
  20. Subscribe first cell
  21. Goto 7

if som suggetion is there reply me because sometimes we have seen that data part of ad memory becomes zero and mordem starts resetting