A&D Write Cycle in the same cell?

Dear All.

I read ADL USER GUIDE about A&D storage, but there is no explanation about write cycle to A&D Storage.
All I want to do is “write data into specified cell” and “modified written data in the same cell”

AFAIK, we can’t modified data from cell, we only can to delete & write again to the same cell.

From this post [url]https://forum.sierrawireless.com/t/usage-of-a-d-memory/3268/9], they explain write cycle is :
delete, recompact, create a and write.
but the author didn’t explain about the API function, then I assume that :
delete = adl_adDelete()
recompact = adl_adRecompact()
write = adl_adWrite();
but I can’t find about create = adl_ad???

And from my trial-error process, I get conclusion that write cycle is :
subscribe, finalise, delete, subscribe, write, unsubscribe
I think this is not good idea because the cell_handle always increase, any clue about it ?

oh please, anybody ?


If you want to use the deleted cells, you should recompact the A&D space before trying to subscribe to the same cell because the cell space will be freed only after recompaction.So after you subscribe,finalse,delete try to recompact.

Why not use the normal flash commands like adl_flhSubscribe and adl_flhWrite? Why the A&d? If its sets of data that change often, I would think the flash is better to use than the A&D.