M1306B and Perl


Hi all,
have someone experiance with M1306B in Perl using Device::SerialPort?
I dont;know why the AT command are ignored.

use Device::SerialPort;

$PortObj = new Device::SerialPort (’/dev/ttyS0’) || die "error ";
$result = $PortObj->input;
print “Result: $result \n” if ($result);



How do you know that they are being ignoerd?

Maybe the the modem is repsonding, but your script is not receiving the response…


I recived response but incorrect. The serial port is configured via manual - databit 8,stop bit1,parity none, RTS. When i send some AT command i allways gett a response 0x00H. I don’t know where is the problem.


Are you sure that the modem is on 9600 bps? The default speed is 115200 bps.

Do you mean you have also tried a terminal program without success?

perl forum?