LUA project in Developer Studio


How to create LUA project in Developer Studio?

Regards Kirill


Lua Open AT plug-in package currently included in today’s last Software suite (2.33) is too old to work with Developer Studio 1.1.2

New Lua plug-in is planed to be integrated in Software Suite 2.34
Meanwhile, we’ve pushed an intermediate release (2.1.0) allowing you to create Lua projects.
You can install it from this repository URL:
(add this URL as a new repository in the Package Manager perspective)

Lua plug-in version 2.1.0 is compatible with Software Suite 2.33

To create a Lua project, go to new Lua projet wizard and follow the steps.
Since the Lua plug-in is not part of a Software suite, in the packages selection step, you will have to first select Open AT Software Suite 2.33, and then to select the 2.1.0 Lua plug-in version in the plug-ins tab.


Thank you, it’s work !!