Looking for old 4.11 RV50 firmware package

I am looking for an old RV50 4.11.2 firmware file. I have a number of RV50 gateways in the field running, and am planning to do remote upgrades to the current 4.13 firmware and migrate to the new “Standard” VPN configurations. I have created a new template for this that I have tested in the lab, but would like to downgrade my lab RV50 to 4.11.2 in order to test the remote upgrade procedure. The oldest firmware file I have is for I could not find old RV50 firmware on the sierrawireless web site. Thanks.

Hi @dougneuhauser,
You can find the old versions on AVMS as screenshot

There’re 2 options to upgrade the firmware:

  • Upgrade RV50 via AVMS if you had RV50 profile on AVMS
  • Download the firmware then upgrading via ACEManager
    Please share any concerns you have and tick Solution if your problem is resolved
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