Local TCP Streaming - UDP handshake

Issue: Application configured to listen for local stream (TCP) on TCP 22000 (TAIP data).
The app wants to init string the GPS modem via UDP, but I only see 9494 (TCP) available on Sierra MP70.
So the app is not handshaking with the MP70 location locally (plugged into the MP70 - win10 client).
Any way to send UDP commands to the MP70 via TCP/IP? Am I missing anything?
Serial works ok, just can’t get the app to initialize with the MP70 over TCP. BTW, can both serial and TCP local streams be active at same time?
Thanks in advance.

Hi @dk4dk4,
TAIP is a digital communication interface based on printable ASCII characters over a serial data link so that is the reason it works on serial only. Let refer to Location chapter in the document. It provides the Location configurations in detalis. Please share any concerns you have and help to tick Solution if the response answers your question

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