Local storage for advanced report parameters

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We have a scenario in which the GX400 has to run in low power mode (or at least turn off the radio module) for 23 hours and communicate only for rest 1 hour of the day.
Under this circumstance, I would like to log “Power Voltage In” (or other similar parameter) every X minutes, but push them to cloud only once a day (when not in low power mode).

As I understand, there is no local data storage for the “Advanced Reports”.

Any alternate options (may be through LUA) to achieve this?



I think it is possible to construct the data (power voltage) using airvantage.table:

And upload it at desired time using asset:pushData(path, data, sendpolicy):

You may get more info from this link:

Hope it helps.

Thanks for the answer.

One more question linked to the previous one.

Can Lua program run in the GX400 during Low power mode?

If not, is there a way to turn off the radio module through Lua.


Did you ever get a response to this question?

Can Lua program run in the GX400 during Low power mode?

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