Library upgrade on FT Supreme

Hi All

I am new to the Fastrack modem series, I have developed an application, but canot debug it on the fastrack. I compiled/developed it with v7.3 firmware and OS 6.21. Factory installed firmware on Fastrack was 7.3 with OS 6.20. So I upgraded the firmware to 7.4 assuming that this would also upgrade OS to 6.31. Firmware upgrade worked fine but OS library is still 6.20, how do I upgrade the library to match the firmware, I have checked the CD and the only file in the OS/Bin folder is export.def, do I upload this file to the modem or do I need to compile something based upon this file generate the 6.3 library

Thanks in advance


There is a bug in the 7.3 release of the firmware in that it incorrectly reports the Library version, the 7.4 firmware releaae now correctly reports the OS library as 6.31