LED can't flash on MC7304

Hi, i am using a MC7304 module, I found the LED can’t flash when i power on the module via a USB PCI_e adapter. there is no any signal output on the Pin42( signal name: WAN_LED_N) . and the voltage levels on the Pin42 is always on 1.47V~1.49V. so the LED can’t work. Is there any AT command to configure the LED on the module?

MC7304 module info :
F/W: SWI9X15C_05.05.16.02 r21040 carmd-fwbuild1 2014/03/17 23:49:4
HWID: Revision: 1.0

Same issue here. Additionally, those modems that don’t have LED working show serious stability issues. Can’t connect reliably to network or disappear suddenly.

Interesting enough, the LED is driven when doing FW updates. So it seems not to be a HW issue.