The Flashing LED on Q2698

Hi All,

I am using a Q2698 module, F/W 7.50.0.A2, with NO OpenAT program loaded (AT+WOPEN=0). At first the flashing LED (network status one) did not even turn ON when the unit was powered up (with a valid SIM), and the LED remained OFF all the time. I then activated the flash LED using AT+WHCNF=1,1.

When I subsequently power up, the LED remains permanently ON until the unit registers on the network, which is correct. However, as soon as a valid resistration occurs, the LED turns OFF permanently instead of flashing. At this point the unit is definitely registered as checked using AT+CREG. Has anyone else had this problem with the flashing LED using the Q2698 module?


Hi Mike,

Seems like this problem was corrected… are you using latest FW version for Q2698?


Hi Lotam,

I am using V7.50-0-a2. Can you please send me a resource link for the latest version?

Could you also please send me a link for the correct USB driver for this device? My PC does not recognise the Q2698 USB device, but recognises the Q2686 and Q2687.

Many thanks,