How can I turn OFF network LED (LED0)?

Hi Everybody,

I’m using a Q26CL702. The module is powered by an external power supply and I have a battery backup.

If main power supply fails, I turn off radio (using at+cfun=4 command) to save battery power consumption.

However, turning the radio off, the network led is always ON which consumes some currrent. How to disable it?

Unfortunately command at+whcnf=1,0 (disable led0 features) works only if a reset of the module is performed, which is not a good deal for me.

Is there any other AT command or technique to turn off network LED.

Thanks in advance.

As far as I know, the only way is at+whcnf=1,0. You could disable the LED flash on first power up, and then manually flash an LED on a different GPIO to indicate GSM status.

Thanks Tomridl for reply.

Your solution is obviously correct. However, we have already PCB board on production
thus I can’t use it.

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