Latest yocto version not downloadable?

Hi all! I want to do a porting of my project on the latest version of legato. I need to modify a yocto file, because I need to enable CAN bus drivers and functions. So I have to re-download yocto, since I’m using the FW version 13 compatible one:
So I went on sierra wireless webpage:

I have two problems:

  1. The latest yocto seems to be compatible with legato 19.11.2…could be in your opinion it be compatible with the latest one that is 20.08.0?

  2. When I click on SWI yo download yocto, the link doesn’t work and so I can’t download it ( unlike what happened two months ago when I downloaded the old version of yocto)

    Do you think this is feasible? And if that link doesn’t work, where can I find the latest version of yocto? Any help will be appreciated, thanks to all

Hi @ga.imparato,

1, With the first question:

I am not sure that you can use it like that. Maybe you will meet issue or error when using compatible versions, it’s better that you should use legato and yocto with the version as Sierra suggests.

2, With the second question:

The link for downloading the Linux Distro Source is not working now.
Probably you need to try later.

Please refer to Link is dead - #2 by Donald

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Okay, so I just have to hope that the problem will be solved in a few days. I will still install the Legato consistent with the latest version of Yocto. Thanks for the reply


I can see it:

But I don’t understand a thing: at this point how can download source file and so yocto folder? It makes me crazy