Legato 15.01 now available


Hi everyone.

Our new quarterly release of Legato, 15.01, is now available. The links on the Source (the new Dev Zone) at source.sierrawireless.com/legato/ have all been updated to point to the new downloads, and github has been updated with the new source and documentation.

You will find the documentation online at legato.io/docs

Release notes and upgrade instructions can be found at legato.io/legato-docs/15_01/ … _main.html

The Legato Team

p.s. Before you ask there won’t be a USB stick release, but Developer Studio now supports app development on Windows which is even easier!


Ha! you saw me coming :exclamation:



Hi Andy.

As I was typing I could hear you asking :smiley:




Tried to upgrade from Legato 14 to 15 on my AR7. Did this from devstudio (firmware upgrade). Everything went well, but now “cm” from a console does not work any longer. (/usr/local/bin/cm).

One can start it, but nothing happens.

Did I miss something?

Thank you



You need to make sure you also updated the firmware. For an AR you will need to contact your FAE. I would guess that if you type “app status” you will see that the modem service is not running.