EM7565 Yocto Image



Is there a Yocto image for the EM7565? I do see in the log of Yocto builds that there are actual patches added,
6ab3d87ad702 USB: serial: qcserial: add Sierra Wireless EM7565
8baa58c5d536 net: qmi_wwan: add Sierra EM7565 1199:9091

but can someone help me in adding these to my Yocto project? How do I get the .bb (BitBake) files for the Software SDK of the EM7565?


I believe I am attempting the same thing. We have switched to the EM7565 module on an existing project that builds a Yocto Linux image running on an NXP i.MX6q. We have downloaded the QMI drivers and API from SW support site and have successfully compiled them on an Ubuntu 18.x development host. We would like to move the build into Yocto. I have spent some time searching here and elsewhere and it seems there are some layers (meta-swi-*) and recipes for SW products, but I haven’t been able to find a specific recipe for the EM7656. I feel like I am just looking in the wrong places.




To be a little more specific, we are trying to build the SW GobiNet and GobiSerial, and API modules. The build output from the OP looks like it may be the qmi mainline support.