AirPrime driver on yocto ?

Hello everyone,

I have a AirPrime GSM (the HL85-48) and I need to connect it to a IMX28 (freescale). Also I have other peripherals working on the IMX.

I’m using yocto to generate the right distribution.

I was wondering, what’s the .BB files to add from the “meta-swi” or “meta-swi-extra” to have the right driver and to be able to communicate and program the AirPrime HL85-48 ?

It seems to be a hole Linux image but I already have one of my own, I just need to add the specific drivers and tools to use the AirPrime HL85-48.

Thank you!

I am not sure whether HL8 supports Yocto… Anywaya what exactly is your use case? could you elaborate a little?