+ksup:0 comes again and again


Hello everybody,

I’m developping a custom board with HL6528rd-g. In my own PCB, if I insert a sim card, all runs right. But if I put a sim card and a gsm antenna or a sim card and a gps antenna, +ksup: 0 comes again and again in my terminal. It seems like an operation of start-up. Anyone could give me some advices? Thanks





It sounds like your unit is power cycling to me for some reason.




I am agreed with you. But I don’t know it seems like an electronic problem since I used my own PCB or I should use AT command to resolve this issue?


Its almost certainly a hardware issue and not related to the module firmware.




I have the same problem.
I will investigated and if you have the solution, please return.


My problem was solved, the power supply of the modem drops below 3.15V, and the modem resets when it try attach in the gprs.