Modem behaviour when RF Main pin shorted with Ground


We are working in HL6528 2.8V module and we facing the issue of Modem not powering up.

We have tracked the circuit and found out RF Main pin is getting shorted with Ground.

whether this will effect the Modem power up sequence?

Kindly let me know how to sort out this issue.

Thanks in advance.


Surely, that is a fundamental fault that just needs to be fixed?!

Don’t short the pin to ground :exclamation: :exclamation:

Hi Awneil,

Actually Module got tilted in the board so it getting short with ground. After tracking the other lines, SIM holder lines are also getting short with nearby pins in Module.

We planned to desolder the HL Module and place it again correctly in the board.

Due to the above problem whether module will damage? or we can able to reuse the Module.

Well, you’ve already identified a couple of pretty gross errors - so who knows what else may have happened…?!


I think you need to assume that the likelihood of damage is quite high. So it would be best to start with fresh modules that you know are good - rather than potentially waste a load of time (ie, money) on weird issues which may or may not be due to this abuse …


Thanks for response.

Even with the short circuit with RF main and SIM holder pins, some Modules are powered up and respond to AT commands.

AT command that need to connect with Network getting error as CME ERROR 10. (SIM not detected issue)

We hope modules that are responding for AT commands will be functional after placing it correctly (After desoldering)

Anyway thanks for your suggestions. We will update you if we move further with these modules.

Be sure to make a careful note of all the modules that have been so abused - and mention it in any posts