Q2687 module- Hanging during fast power ON/OFF


Dear All,
My Q2687 module hang during fast power recycling; i noticed it working without any problem when “NO SIM”.
When sim is inserted and if we do fast Power ON/OFF, initial subroutines works fine , but when it tries to connect to GPRS it restarts and it repeats until we completely power off for at least 2~3 seconds, then it works fine.

Please suggest solution to over com this issue

Thanks in advance…




When SIM is inserted, in this case if fast power ON/OFF is done then module will get reset many times and SIM will take time to interact properly with the hardware. Also SIM initialization will also be disturbed and it will take time for the SIM to get detected and interact with the network to get register. In case of any resets, SIM can lost the registration(connection) with the network. In this case when trying to connect to GPRS, it does not work properly.