Q2687 - No Network means Module Hang?


Dear All,
Q2687 module is working fine, when there is a network and signal is good, but when the network is weak/No network , modem network status led is continuously ON even when the network signal strength is back, Hence Not able to send “or” receive data through GPRS /SMS. If we reset it starts working. (Detects network :LED : ON/OFF).

Could any one help us in this regard…



Is it stuck in “Emergency Calls Only” mode?
See: https://forum.sierrawireless.com/t/q2686-loses-registration/4750/2 - among others…

In this case, you should see +WIND: 7, and AT+COPS? should tell you which network it has chosen for “Emergency Calls Only”

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Hi Awneil
Thanks for the reply, No It is not during emergency call mode, It was during periodic Data transfer mode, Our code inside the module is working fine even during the no network/ Weak signal, But Flash LED is continuously ON ( Module(Q2687) is not recovering automatically even after getting good network coverage).



How do you know that?

How do you know that the coverage is “good”?


Q2687 module “ON”, Removed Antenna , checked signal strength (AT+CSQ) it was 7,0(Signal strength is weak) …When Antenna connected checked signal strength (AT+CSQ) it was 22,0(Signal strength is Good) .



Obviously, the signal strength will be lower with the aerial not fitted than when it is fitted!

But you didn’t answer the question: How do you know that it’s not in “Emergency Calls Only” mode with the “wrong” network :question:

Note that the response to AT+CSQ gives the signal strength of the current serving network- so just checking AT+CSQ is not sufficient - you also need to check AT+COPS?


sorry may be possible Emergency Calls Only" mode with the “wrong” network

Could you please help us how to get ride of Hanging (Q2687)& we observed that this issue is very random in nature…



See the link in my initial reply: https://forum.sierrawireless.com/t/q2686-loses-registration/4750/2