Kernel Panic with WP77xx GENERIC and PTCRB Modem Firmware


I got kernel panic in mangOH yellow with wp7702

modem subsystem failure reason: dlcch.c:1284:Assertion (pdsch_semaphore_value <= 1) failed.

I search forum

I got two links

So I want to know which version will fix the issue?

have you tried WP77 FW R14.1 or R15?

I can see in “leaf search”

 swi-wp77_5.0.1             │ SDK for WP77 (Release 14.1 + Legato 19.11.5)                                             │ wp77xx,stable                      │
│ swi-wp77_5.0.2             │ SDK for WP77 (Release 14.1 + Legato 19.11.6)                                             │ wp77xx,dev                         │
│ swi-wp77_6.0.0.beta        │ SDK for WP77 (Release 15 + Legato 21.05.0)                                               │ latest,wp77xx,stable

Hi @jyijyi ,

I only try WP77xx_Release11_GENERIC_PTCRB.exe, because the conditon is very special so I need to check with you which version can fixed it.

How to I easy to update to mangOH yellow ?

there is no R14.1 or R15 in mangoh yellow…
So those FW will be just for standalone WP77 module

Of course you can also try the latest one for mangoh yellow package

Hi @jyijyi ,

You mean that there no R14 R15 version but have R16 then I can try R16 ?

where do you find the R16?

Hi @jyijyi

R16 is my memory, I saw R16 as before but now I saw R14.1

please check “leaf search”…

Hi @jyijyi ,

I saw it

I need put something into device like .ko

this is for WP77 FW R14.1…

Hi @jyijyi ,

Yes, R14.1 so may be my memory is wrong. R16 is wp76xx.

Back to my question, I want to know the issue that fixed in R14.1 ?

have you checked the release note?

Hi @jyijyi ,

Thanks for your reply. I checked release note

It seen fixed it, right?

I also saw it in R11 why?

you better make a test to verify

Hi @jyijyi ,

I will test it. Thanks a lot.