Keep Alive in 4.8.0+

Prior to ACEManager v4.8, we used the Keep Alive ping under the WAN/Cellular menu for the remote GX450s in our network.

In 4.8.0+, the Keep Alive settings are no longer in the WAN/Cellular menu and I can’t find where they were moved to in ACEmanager or any information about the change in the release notes (I’m not sure what version made the change, so I’m probably looking at the wrong notes).

Where are the Keep Alive options in ACEmanager v4.8+?

Hi nwmurphy,
There is a Network Watchdog Timer: Wan/Cellular->General->Interface priority.
Change the Network Watchdog Timer from disable to a time frame from the drop down list.
If there is no WAN connection for the time configured in this field, the gateway reboots.

There is a keep alive but it pings the ALMS to confirm an IP connection.

In addition, there is the AT commands:
The settings are on the page 442 of the guide.


Where can I get the guide referred to by user jismail. He mentions stay alive settings on p. 442 of the guide. I work with these modems regularly and could really use a guide

Hi @volkmann ,
The document is available at the link. The settings are described at page 440 &441
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